Why Children's Apps?

5:52 AM

Meet our Quality Assurance Team. By Kids, For Kids.

Kids are just adorable! The short answer is that we love kids and we love the idea of using technology to develop their skills and creativity.

We have a 5 year old daughter and we've been letting her tinker with an iPad since she was 3. We've probably bought a ton of children's apps already (and spent a fortune!) and observed how each of those apps uniquely sparked her creativity, got her curious, developed her motor skills and put a smile on her face--almost all the time! As a Dad, I've been meaning to make children's apps that my toddler can enjoy. I'm currently a game designer/developer and I've probably put that smile to millions of players through my games but for some reason, putting that smile onto a toddler's face is a different feeling, albeit more challenging. It's not just about providing fun anymore but touching these young people's lives and encouraging them to explore, think, experiment and learn.

All these things (and the children's app industry) maybe new to me but it's a challenge that I'm willing to accept and learn...with the help of my daughter, of course. She has been helping our development team design our apps and she's even more excited than I am. She has contributed a lot to our flagship title and we are so excited to get it out the door for the whole world to see and we can't wait for other kids to play it and see their reactions. We hope you'll be with us through this journey and keep supporting Choo Choo Apps!

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