Love Choo Choo Apps? Here are 4 more tips to maximize our apps!

6:18 PM

Here are some helpful features which we have included in all our apps to allow parents and children to maximize our products.

1. For Parents page. Access this page from the Title Screen. This page describes everything you can do on that specific Choo Choo app you are using. This page is specifically for Parents or Guardians so that they will know what to expect before letting their child use the app.

2. Reset the app. If your child wants to delete all the colours that he/she made and reset the app to its default settings, yes you can definitely do that! Just go to the app's Title Screen and tap the crayons in a counter-clockwise sequence starting from the upper-left corner crayon. If the taps are successful, a "parent gate" will pop-up and prompt you to enter 4 digits. Enter the 4 required digits and voila!, your app is back to its default state!

3. Left or right handed. Did you know that you can move the crayon and object racks to either the left or right side of the screen? Just go to the Main Scene, tap and hold the object or crayon button and drag it towards your desired position. It will snap and stick to that position until you decide to move it again. This is especially useful if your child is left or right handed.

4. Change the background. Did you know that you can change the top background of all Choo Choo apps? For example, in Choo Choo Park, just swipe the mountains above the scene to reveal a cityscape scene. Swipe back to bring back the mountains. And yes, you can colour both backgrounds too. You can do this for all Choo Choo apps!

As always, if you have suggestions or want to request a feature, feel free to drop us a note anytime! We are committed to improving our products and we know the only way we can achieve that is by listening to our users. :)

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