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Are you or your kids fond of playing games on a smartphone or tablet? Ever wondered how your favorite apps were made? Well today is your lucky day because we're going to give you a sneak peek at how we develop our games here at Choo Choo Apps and give you some insight on how things are done behind the scenes!

Concept and Design

Every time we come up with a new Choo Choo Apps game, we start by deciding on a theme or setting. This will serve as the core concept of the app and will determine its subsequent content and functionalities.

Next, the art assets are created based on the overall design we've decided on. These are made to look pretty enough to be on a premium kids colouring book but without overwhelming them with too many details. After all, it's the user's role to put the finishing touches on the designs by colouring them as they like. :)


When the design planning is done, we begin spitballing ideas for some new game mechanics and figure out which ones would be best for the app. The ideas have to be consistent with the theme and make for a cohesive playing experience.

Choo Choo Park, for example, is full of playground equipment that the Choo Choo characters can ride and play with, while Choo Choo Boo would give you some neat trick-or-treat surprises in every corner.

Special Effects

The game wouldn't really feel complete without adding some extra eye and ear-candy to the mix.

For visuals, we would include effects such as a burst of stars when placing a Choo Choo character on an object, or a puff of smoke coming out of the chimney, or musical notes appearing from the spot where a character is dancing to music.

For sound effects, we would use various cartoony sounds and an occassional music clip or two for specific events in the game.

By Kids, For Kids

At the end of each week, we compile everything we've done so far and have our QA testers take a look at the game to give us their evaluation and critique.

We are proud to have kids on our team as testers and they have been a joy to work with. Their input and feedback have been very invaluable in refining our games to make them as fun and entertaining as possible.

It's always great to know your app's target audience but it's even more important to have your users involved, not just in the development process but in the eventual updates as well. These kids are the heart and soul of our games and those wouldn't have turned out this good without their help.

Ready to Play

Once we've passed the rigorous testing done by our QA, we move on to the final phase of publishing the app. This is when we submit our game to the app stores and prepare for its eventual launch.

We make the announcements and give previews and promos through our social media, while our current users also get an exclusive method of getting the heads-up about our new game from within our other apps.

On that note, watch out for our next title, Choo Choo Snow, which will be out next week!

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