Welcome to Choo Choo Boo!

Choo Choo Boo is all about inspiring creativity and encouraging discovery among children. It starts with a black and white scene and every child can make the scene come to life by colouring all the different elements and Choo Choo characters. Enjoy the trick or treat activities with the funny characters that live in the village. Each house presents a unique surprise!

Crayon Rack

Touch the crayon button and a set of 14 crayons appear at the right side of the screen which your child can use to colour every element in the scene.

Object Rack

Touch the Choo Choo box button and an additional set of objects contained in a rack shows on the left side of the screen. Don't want an object in the scene? Just drag it on the rack to remove it. Want to add another Choo Choo character? Just drag a new character from the rack to the scene.

Capture your child's masterpiece

Touch the camera button anytime to capture a screenshot of your child's work and save it in your device's Photos library.

Resetting the app

To restore Choo Choo Boo to its default settings and erase all the colours, go to Title Screen, tap the crayons in a counter-clockwise sequence starting from the upper-left corner crayon. A "parent gate" will appear and prompt you to enter 4 digits. Tap the required 4 digits and the app will be reset.

Colour the Title Screen

Yes! Even the Title Screen can be coloured, too! 

Share your child's work

Share your child's work with us by emailing us at support@choochooapps.com. You can also find us on:

Twitter: @choochooapps

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